As a business owner, you know that time is money. Every minute you spend on operational tasks is a minute you're not spending growing your business by developing a marketing strategy that increases sales. When sales are the goal, how can you optimise your time and resources to find more big ticket customers and streamline your work? The answer is video content. A smart digital and social media strategy will maximise your time by reducing repetitive operational tasks and attracting more customers. And it’s easier than you think! This article explains how.

Growing your business, not your hours

You might think that video content is just something for marketing, whether on your website, local broadcast media ads or on social media. Actually, video content can streamline your day to day tasks as a business owner far beyond that. In fact, quality video tailored to your business can help to reduce operational time, lessening labour costs and freeing you for more important tasks. Here are some ways businesses have used video to streamline their operations and save time (and money):

Instructional Videos

People turn to videos for learning everything these days, from how to unclog the new vacuum cleaner, to finding the right shade of lipgloss , to pouring the perfect pint of Guinness . It’s no surprise that YouTube is the world’s second-most visited website, after Google! You can take advantage of the video trend by developing your own instructional videos. An instructional video can teach customers how to use your products or services. By providing this easy-to-use resource, you can reduce the need for customer support staff and training time, saving you hours of valuable operational time.

Onboarding Videos

You can use clear and precise onboarding videos to train incoming employees, and even new contractors. Onboarding videos are used by top companies ranging from Google to Zappos to Zendesk and Canva — and results show that they work. Welcome videos, videos for “knowledge transfer”, and videos explaining important company policies are likely to create a positive experience for employees from the get-go, resulting in 30% higher retention vs. companies that have less developed onboarding schemes. Turnover and recruiting costs money — and time. Plus, with custom onboarding tools at the ready, you won’t have as much of a need for expensive in-person training sessions. Finally, these videos help cultivate a strong sense of care and professionalism for your business — just ask Google .

Product Demo Videos

Product demo videos showcase your offerings to potential customers, without the need for in-person sales events.

Video is especially important when targeting Gen-Z, a vital consumer group. A 2022 study from Smartly found that 40% of Gen-Z users prefer video content — like Instagram Reels, YouTube Videos, TikTok videos — compared to any other content. An article in Forbes in 2019 declared, “The Key To Gen Z Is Video Content” — and it’s really true! This all-important demographic much prefers video to text content, thanks to years of growing up with social media. If you want to reach them, you better be meeting them on their turf — that is to say, with short, effective video content.

Work from home has increased exponentially in the last three years and the trend is unlikely to stop: A recent LinkedIn survey indicated 85% of managers believe remote work will become the norm for their businesses in the future. With more interest in “WFM” and reduced commutes, video sales tools can help you communicate with a wider range of clientele — all over the world.

Product demo videos also lessens your need for traditional in-person sales meetings, and the travel expenses that come with them. Video demos are a slick and sustainable alternative to costly info packets and brochures — and therefore more likely to hold your clients’ attention!

Using Video Marketing to Get Big Ticket Customers

Another way video content can help grow your business is by attracting big ticket customers and phasing out lower paying clients. You can do this as a part of your digital marketing strategy by using:

Client Testimonials

Ask satisfied clients to share their experience of working with your business on video. Video testimonials can be used to attract new clients — especially those willing to pay more for a trusted service. Research shows that 88% of customers trust reviews as much as they do recommendations from people they know personally. Services like TrustPilot and Google Reviews are valuable, but don’t stop there! Data suggests that people also far prefer to learn about a company through watching short video content as opposed to reading text — and as we learned from YouTube’s hit rates, that shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

Industry Insights

Share your own, specialised industry knowledge and expertise through a video series. Video blogs (or vlogs) can help position you as an industry thought leader. This not only creates content that makes it easier for more people to find you and your services, but it also can attract the highest ticket clients out there — those seeking expert guidance and willing to pay to work with the best.

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If you are looking for real-world examples of how professionally-produced videos and a digital marketing strategy can reduce operational time and find you more business, look no further than our case study library. We've compiled a series of case studies from businesses across a variety of industries, which prove how clever video marketing grows businesses. To get your free case study , simply visit our website and fill out the form. We will send you a study from your industry with real-life data about reducing operational costs and attracting clients with video. This valuable resource is the start of your video marketing journey, putting you on the path to increased success in 2023 .

Video marketing IS for your business

As you’ve seen here, video marketing can be a game-changer for businesses looking to streamline operations, expand their reach, and attract higher-paying clients. By using video to reduce labour and showcase expertise, you can focus on what matters most: Growing your business. It’s time to work smarter, not harder, and give video marketing a try. Grow your business, not your hours. Visit our website and get your free case study to learn more.

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