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Get found in a sea of online content

If you’re a marketer, you understand there is a massive opportunity to grab your customer's attention by posting consistently on social media. Accounts that post daily grow 4x faster than those that post weekly

However, generating that many high-quality, engaging ideas and staying on track with posting schedules constantly are nearly impossible without some extra help.

Searchlight is a content creation service that takes you just 1 day a month to produce 30 days of high-performing content. You’ll be armed with an arsenal of content every month for your blog, newsletter and social media.

Between 1-8 longform videos per month for your blog, depending on your selected plan
Weekly to daily social media videos, depending on your selected plan
Client Portal To Guide You Through Yearly and Monthly Strategy, Planning Content and Shoots and Reviewing Video Content.
Goal setting and performance tools, including custom analytics dashboard and content performance database.

Key benefits

Grab your customer's attention before your competitors do

One of our clients 3x their follower growth rate on LinkedIn after committing to publish consistent weekly videos.

This helps them grow faster than competitors on LinkedIn and beat them to get their message heard by more customers.

Publish 5x The Content For The Same Spend

The average full-service video production cost is €2000 per video, minimum. We repurpose content, so you get 6 times as many videos for that cost.

Less of your time.

Your total input for the month will come to just 1 day. That's it. Marketing goals are taken care of. This includes reviewing strategy plans, project briefs, and footage and partaking in shoots.

That means you have more time for everything else in your business.

Google Search Benefits

The content you're producing will have Google Search benefits too! Each video will answer questions on topics you want your company's blog to appear for on Google. In addition, your video is written to optimise for searches your customers are running.

Furthermore, as customers share links to your site, its credibility increases with the Google algorithm, and you should appear higher on Google searches.

Catch more customers with a video like this...

Content Marketing Explainer

Once you can explain your business, attracting consistent leads by demonstrating your industry expertise is the next step for many of our clients. View our example below.

What's included

Our package includes everything you need.

Customer profiles

Understand your customer. We help you outline your target audience in great depth, so we know how to create a video that will motivate them to act.

Brand Strategy

Stand out from your competition. We assist you in developing a message that captures your unique selling point in your voice.

Market Research

Know your enemy. We research to see what type of videos and sales copy has worked for your industry and consumer base.

Concept Development

Your best pitch. We create an engaging concept/script that effectively explains your offering for a target audience. We create any storyboards/style snippets necessary to help you visualise a final product.

Pre-Production Plan

Every last & final detail. We hire any actors and crew, arrange the location and costumes and props to ensure your shoot goes according to plan down to the very last detail.

Video Production

Turn up and look your best. It goes without saying, we alwyas deliver high-quality video and audio that you repeatedly can use to showcase your project in it's best light.


Finding your voice. We find a voiceover artist that sounds right for your company’s brand.


Pitch perfect. We pick from an extensive library of music to find the perfect song for your company’s tone.

Video Editing

We cut your video down to only the essentials, colour it for a mood that fits your image & mix the audio.


A moving message. We provide any titles necessary to deliver your message to your audience efficiently & effectively.


Hit your target. We manage the release to make sure your video is viewed by the right eyeballs by ending up on the appropriate platform with effective promotion.


The more you know. We track the performance of your video to make sure we are reaching the goals we set in pre-production.

What’s the process

Total time commitment: 8 hours per month



Chart your course with our strategy session to discover your ideal customer profile, what they like and how to target them.



We script and shoot your video to shine a light on what's special about your offering.



We make sure everything is ship shape and edited for maximum engagement.



Time to set sail! Our distribution plan will get your video where it needs to go, in front of your customers.

Waking Dreams Media Explainer Videos Cork Kerry

How do I get started?

You can fill out our Discovery Form to get a complimentary Project Plan and Content Brainstorm Session.

Next steps

1. We help you decide if this service would benefit your business.
2. We discuss the specifics of the video you wish to create.
3. We submit a detailed proposal for you to consider.

We can’t wait to help you create your most valuable marketing asset yet.

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