Waking Dreams Media: Case Study

Up She Rises - Case Study

Event Snapshot: Get a taste, leave wanting more.

The Challenge

Capture the essence of the Rise and Shine event to showcase to an online audience that could not make it.

The Process


First contact calls and emails with Up She Rises. Proposed solution of a 60-second promo video and highlights. Proposed to bring a second shooter onboard to capture event footage and detail shots efficiently.

​ We prepared a shot list for the day. We aimed to capture the crowd engagement, Up She Rises branding, the merchandise, the social interaction before the event, snippets of each of the speakers, decorations.


We wanted to showcase the authentic experience and electric atmosphere of really being at the event.

In preparation for the event, we worked with the sound engineer, connecting our sound recorder line-in to the soundboard to capture the direct microphone audio in the highest quality possible. ​

We created a dual set-up – one set for capturing the event and another capturing attendee feedback in a nearby room. This way we were immediately able to switch over to recording testimonials at the break.


We worked on the edit until the video was perfect, totalling 6 drafts.


60 second Social Media Ready Event Promo – Highlights from Rise and Shine Event for promoting future events online. ​

10 Instagram story and post ready interview snippets with glowing testimonials and insights from the event. Included subtitles for maximum engagement on Instagram, which mutes videos by default. ​

Branded video assets created for Up She Rises to use on all future video content.


I worked with Waking Dreams Media last year, after they had been recommended by a colleague. I have to say I was impressed by the professionalism right from the beginning. They created a promo video at one of our events and carried out client interviews for us afterwards. Later in the year we returned to them because we loved the creative elements they had added to our video and we wanted the same consistent look across social media. They created bespoke video intros specifically for Instagram which we have used again and again. It is always pleasurable to deal with Luke and he is fast and efficient with his follow through.
Virginia Foley Up She Rises Founder

What's included

Our package includes everything you need.

Customer profiles

Understand your customer. We help you outline your target audience in great depth, so we know how to create a video that will motivate them to act.

Brand Strategy

Stand out from your competition. We assist you in developing a message that captures your unique selling point in your voice.

Market Research

Know your enemy. We research to see what type of videos and sales copy has worked for your industry and consumer base.

Concept Development

Your best pitch. We create an engaging concept/script that effectively explains your offering for a target audience. We create any storyboards/style snippets necessary to help you visualise a final product.

Pre-Production Plan

Every last & final detail. We hire any actors and crew, arrange the location and costumes and props to ensure your shoot goes according to plan down to the very last detail.

Video Production

Turn up and look your best. It goes without saying, we alwyas deliver high-quality video and audio that you repeatedly can use to showcase your project in it's best light.


Finding your voice. We find a voiceover artist that sounds right for your company’s brand.


Pitch perfect. We pick from an extensive library of music to find the perfect song for your company’s tone.

Video Editing

We cut your video down to only the essentials, colour it for a mood that fits your image & mix the audio.


A moving message. We provide any titles necessary to deliver your message to your audience efficiently & effectively.


Hit your target. We manage the release to make sure your video is viewed by the right eyeballs by ending up on the appropriate platform with effective promotion.


The more you know. We track the performance of your video to make sure we are reaching the goals we set in pre-production.

What’s the process

Total time commitment: 4-8 hours over 6 weeks



Chart your course with our strategy session to discover your ideal customer profile, what they like and how to target them.



We script and shoot your video to shine a light on what's special about your offering.



We make sure everything is ship shape and edited for maximum engagement.



Time to set sail! Our distribution plan will get your video where it needs to go, in front of your customers.

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