Some Frequently Asked Questions

Too long; didn't watch - 5-16 hours depending on how much you want us versus you to do.

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Payments are taken via bank transfer. A 50% upfront payment will allow us to activate our team on your account prior to beginning work. Details on payment will be provided in your invoice.

Our packages are custom created based on your needs discussed in our consultation meeting. However, they will often include a strategy meeting with a output of a clear customer persona and how to target them, an engaging 1-minute explainer video scripted with your knowledge and our creativity, shorter snippets for social media, setting up video performance tracking, management of ad and social accounts for the release, and any additional graphic elements you need.

You’ll receive the .mp4 files for the final videos. You will have ownership of these final videos, however, the raw footage and editing files will remain the ownership of Waking Dreams Media.

There is usually two revisions for strategy (important to get right) and 1 revision for video edits, so make sure all stakeholders have commented before signing off. We’ll notify you by email whenever there's something to review.

We always tie our prices to the value of your project, so you'll never be charged more than the value you're getting. We do this by taking the time to determine the business goal you're looking to achieve with the video and what that's worth to you. At that point, we will determine the appropriate level of engagement and price it to fit your budget.

Yes, our minimum engagement fee is €500. However, if your budget is below that, we are happy to consult you on other options to complete your video. For start-ups and small businesses, we know the journey and want to help you as best as possible.

If our off-once project is a success and you catch content fever, the cure is our Searchlight Service; a content creation partnership where we help you create 30 days of high-performing content every month for just 1 day of you or your team's time.

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